iGills SE-35 converts your iPhone into a Smart Diving System

We have seen some of the most wonderful iPhone cases in the past, but the “iGills SE-35” is a creative case that apart from protecting your iPhone up to 130ft/40m underwater also transforms it into a “Smart Diving System” for scuba divers. Integrating six buttons for easy usage, the waterproof case comes with an additional app to support several diving modes, such as Air, Nitrox and Gauge, together with ascent rate indication, nitrogen loading and depth alarm.

Claimed to be the world’s first and only Smart Diving System, the SE-35 lets users access the automatic dive log, torch and navigation system; while the glass window lets you capture underwater pictures and videos with ease. Featuring the body finished in rugged polycarbonate and stainless steel, the underwater cellphone case is designed to fit the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Presenting an accurate depth and temperature sensor, the rugged iPhone case adds precision to your underwater expeditions. Priced at $330, the iGills SE-35 combines a number of functions of multiple devices into a compact case for a safe, smart diving.

Via: Gizmag

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