Top smart phones to avoid in 2014

Most moronic ‘development’: Curved screens

Who needs a telephone with a bended screen? In any case we’re enduring to discover. In the not so distant future Samsung and LG both presented bended screen telephones, the Galaxy Round and LG Flex, to a confounded open. Both telephones have extraordinary characteristics — you can tilt Samsung’s telephone for overhauls at a look, and LG’s games a “retouching toward oneself” spread — however they’re likewise obviously early wounds at bended screens (both are costly and hard to get).


We don’t question that positively adaptable telephone screens will be inconceivably significant in a couple of years, yet a slight bend basically feels ungainly to me, not inventive (unless you truly need your telephone to embrace your face).

We can anticipate that Samsung and LG will actualize lessons they’ve gained from these gadgets at whatever point they make a big appearance sincerely adaptable telephones. What’s more by that point, your telephone might really be something you can wear on your wrist.


Stupidest embellishment: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Here’s a device that really could have utilized a bended showcase. Samsung built up the Galaxy Gear as a cutting edge wrist communicator made true — however we say it’s a failure. It’s massive, doesn’t generally do much, and right now it’s just good with Samsung’s most recent Galaxy cell phone and 10-inch tablet.

In terms of the Galaxy Gear, Samsung doesn’t have anybody to take after aside from the few organizations that’ve assembled dull smart watches in this way. It’s accustomed to emphasizing on existing thoughts, not conceiving of brand new ideas.


Most amazing dissatisfaction: Windows Phone

Windows Phone at last figured out how to obstacle the No. 3 spot in the cell phone showcase not long from now, bouncing up 150 percent to take 3.6 percent of the worldwide business (as stated by IDC). Be that as it may that ascent basically originated from a huge number of extraordinary handsets from Nokia’s and Blackberry’s implosion, not through any significant enhancements in Windows Phone itself.

In the wake of discharging Windows Phone 8 last year — a questionable redesign that deserted telephones generally running Windows Phone 7 — Microsoft just discharged two minor overhauls in the not so distant future, which included some fundamental characteristics like a revolution lock (yes, at long last) and backing for huge screen telephones. When we surveyed the Lumia 1020 in August, we were stunned at how little Windows Phone had advanced since we inspected the first Windows Phone 8 gadgets.

In the wake of seeing the huge strides both Android and ios made in the course of the most recent year, Windows Phone’s moderate advancement appears unpardonable. Microsoft in any event figured out how to get more applications on its stage — more than 200,000, as stated by its most recent check, including prominent projects like Flipboard and Instagram.

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