Pow phone concept adds style to your Smartphone

Presenting a regular slim, black design, almost all the Smartphones resemble each other, leaving the buyers with very little option to stay apart from the crowd. Addressing the issue, Swedish designer Mårten Andersson has come up with a concept phone called the “Pow” that not only looks good but packs some smart functions as well. Featuring the body finished in plastic, the Smartphone concept brings the durability of old gaming controllers to the modern, rather futuristic, cellphones.

In addition, the new Smartphone includes a silicon case to covers the outer edges and protect it frome scratches, while making it shockproof. Moreover, it allows extra grip and prevents the phone from slipping while talking or browsing through the web. Integrating an adjustment wheel on the right and a shutter button on the left, the Pow phone includes an action button under the touchscreen and graphics around the microphone hole. Users can choose between multi-colored silicon cases to suite their style.

[Cheers Mårten]

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